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  1. I have some questions on bots which i kindly request some information on Do bots follows orders? If so whose order's do they follow ,like what are the criteria? ->Player's with the highest number of kills in that round or in the entire game up till that round? ->What kind of order's do they follow and order's they don't? ->If they don't follow any orders are you planning to add the functionality any time? Also regarding general bot behaviour ->Why don't human bots die instantly when other zombie bots attack them? even if they don't have armor it takes at least 3-4 hits to kill the bot when other zombie bots attack them but when they hit humans we die instantly if we don't have armor ->How do bots always afford weapons like AK47 knife or lvl1 machine gun[forgot the name] or M734 even when sometimes they literarly don't have any money like 0$ To me bot's are the perfect soldier's ,they never lose hope even if it's just one against the world ,so it would be nice to harness their potential :) .
  2. vlord3d

    Жалобы на игроков

    1)bone STEAM_3:0:1096528602 2)Spam In Chat 14/08/20 3)Server [SISA ZOMBIE] [CSO MOD] #3 There is no shame in being a noob and getting angry over it but bitching about everyone if things dont go your way really? People like him are the reason why i dont use chat and microphone anymore
  3. Over the course of a few years you guys have made so many new weapons for humans from daggers, hammers, rpg's , chainsaw with gloves and a whole lot of "ON TIME" weapons , and now even regular weapons have UPGRADES!!!. But for zombies nothing, the same extras for more than half a decade. While any person can buy an survivor for just 50K[money can be made easily in the game] nemesis takes actual ammo[240] which is hard earned and not easy to earn at all. I am just tired of survivors pilling on top of zombies and cutting them down with knive's & hammer's or getting blasted with a whole lot of grenades&claymores while zombies are just helpless if they don't have ammo to buy extras. Do you have plans for introducing new weapons for zombies as well or are we gonna be forever left out in this arm's race :( ?
  4. In my steam account I am lvl 19 ,recently I downloaded czero v43 from download section but when I start to play I am back to lvl 1. now I am aware that v43 product isn't registered with steam so it makes sense why the server created an 'Non Steam Account ' for me to start over .With this understanding I have 4 questions 1)Suppose I uninstall czero v43 from my machine and reinstall it on an different/same machine ,will I lose all lvl progress/account itself? 2)Lets say I installed czero v43 on my laptop and one on my desktop. So I will have 2 different non steam Accounts's. Is there a way to transfer lvl progress between these 2 different non Steam Accounts? 3)Is it possible to transfer lvl progress from my steam account to non Steam Account and vice versa? 4)Can lvl progress be transferred between 2 different steam accounts?
  5. vlord3d

    Condition Zero V43 Wont Start

    The new Steam and SteamClient dll files didn't fix the problem but I was able to solve the issue with 2 steps 1)Right Click On My computer->Advanced Properties->Click Performance Tab->Data Prevention Execution->Select 2nd Radio Button i.e Enable DEP For All Programs and services except for those I list->Add hl.exe to list 2)Right Click on the folder where czero v43 was installed ->Select Security Tab->change owner ship of folder to include adminstrators & groups ,click checkbox apply to all subfolders ,and apply I also opened the ret.ini file. in it SteamDLL and SteamClientDLL variables were commented out so I uncomented them and made it point to the dll files inside the czero v43 directory(which you have provided) then the application failed to work also made them point to the dll files inside my original steam directory still didn't work. finally commenting them back made the app run Here is how I edited the file [App didn't launch] SteamDll=E:\Program Files\Condition-Zero V43\steam.dll ClientDLL=E:\Program Files\Condition-Zero V43\steamclient.dll [App didn't launch] SteamDll=F:\Steam\Steam.dll ClientDLL=F:\Steam\steamclient.dll [App finally launched by just comenting them back] #SteamDll=F:\Steam\Steam.dll #ClientDLL=F:\Steam\steamclient.dll I thought the dll files were supposed to be used but turns out using any copy of the dll files crashes my app. Hope This Help someone out there with similar problem :) but I also would like to know if these dll files were used at all cause deleting these dll files didn't effect my app
  6. vlord3d

    Condition Zero V43 Wont Start

    I have downloaded the condition zero V43 from this website but the game simply wont start. No error dialogs ,the half life launcher icon just pops up in task manager and disappears after 10 seconds. I downloaded the installer just today from the download section. It did work i believe 3 months back but now wont even start. I have the original condition zero game which i purchased through steam which works fine but after experiencing high latency and lag through steam i wanted to install this game for the sole purpose of playing on this server. My specs are Windows 10 Pro Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220 CPU @3.30GHz 3.30 GHz 6.00 GB(5.84 GB usable) 64 bit Operating System ,x64 based processor
  7. Just Curious But is there an offline CS game version of the [SISA-ZOMBIE]+[CSO MOD] #3 Server? U know with bots and AI u can configure to ur own needs when u are not online?
  8. vlord3d

    Game Play Tips

    Hi everyone. So new questions have arised since the last post. When observing other zombies in 3rd person mode(after I have died and now I'm a spectator) I noticed 2 things which I don't have as an zombi a)All zombies have CROSS HEIRS!! not just the Tesla's but regular ones as well and I don't b)When spectating somebody else as boss(nemesis) when they Ctrl+jump they don't have high initial acceleration like me. Their jumps have constant and moderate acceleration even at the START of the jump. They jump far but with moderate velocity so they can hit their targets But for me my initial acceleration at the start of the jump is so high that I miss the target by 3 or 4 human lengths before slowing down half way through the jump. Basically what I am saying is they jumping is like chucking a stone into a pond . It follows an paraboilic path . But me jumping is like an staright line into the air and half way through an paraboilic path. It is realistic but nobody else flies fast like me :( any setting's for these I should know about?Thank you.
  9. vlord3d

    Game Play Tips

    Interesting. Where do I find this classic death run server?
  10. vlord3d

    Game Play Tips

    Hi everyone This might not be the right place to ask for suggestions or to learn something new but I don't know who else to turn to. Any tips on how to deal with VIP's with hammers/axe's and chainsaw slasher's when u are the boss[or nemesis]? I'm tired of being sent flying to the other end of the map[or sometimes even out of the map entirely]. I see pro's[nemesis players] make it look too easy . Every time I buy nemesis I can't even land a shot without being launched into OBLIVION :(
  11. vlord3d

    Purchasing secondary/primary ammo

    So this is with regard to binding an key for grenades. Let's say when I press F1 I want to purchase an Fire Grenade and then switch to it. I tried using bind F1 "say /napalm;slot4" This purchases an fire grenade but doesn't switch to it's slot when I either have multiple types of grenades or when I initially have no grenades. This only works when I already have an fire grenade and nothing else. This is just an example but basically I want an bind command for the key F1 that can do as follows bind F1 "<Purchase an grenade>;<Switch slots to use that grenade>" All grenades I buy are in slot4 but if I can assign separate slots for each type of grenade eg: Fire Grenade - slot4 Freeze Grenade -slot5 ...so on. That would be great too. Any ideas?
  12. vlord3d

    Purchasing secondary/primary ammo

    I see so all I need to do is bind them to an key in the console.That type of scripting is allowed right?Also is it possible for these chat commands to stay private?.Like I don't want everyone to see them when I use it frequently.
  13. vlord3d

    Purchasing secondary/primary ammo

    I was talking abt an shortcut to directly purchase grenades without shopping for them in the buy menu. Like getting a combination of fire/freeze grenades instantly with an press of an key without purchasing them one by one ,those kind of shortcuts.Are there any?
  14. vlord3d

    Purchasing secondary/primary ammo

    It works. Any other shortcuts I should know abt such as for purchasing grenades?
  15. I saw a couple of videos of this topic on YouTube where human player's purchase secondary ammo for their weapons during the match. Is this possible and how? Even if not is it possible to purchase ammo for ur weapons without rebuying the weapon itself like in the original CS condition zero single/multiplayer? And no I am not referring to the ammo packs we get from killing zombies but pruchasing ammo using money
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