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  1. only 3 bosses do exist in zombie sisa those are oberon,revenant and phobos but is it possible for frozen terror,dione,bio scorpion and kraken to be added?
  2. nooobsdzada

    cant seem to download condition zero v43

    thx it worked :)
  3. nooobsdzada

    cant seem to download condition zero v43

    unfortunatly whenever i try downloading the client.it always pauses and it says check internet connection.i tried downloading something else to see if its my connection being terrible but its fine.how can i fix this
  4. nooobsdzada

    cant seem to download condition zero v43

    what i mean is that i cant download your cs cz client.it always pauses mid download
  5. nooobsdzada

    all of my progress is deleted in sisa :(

    so is it possible to bring back my old progress with cracked version of condition zero that has steam id?
  6. whenever i try downloading it the download always pauses.maybe i need a new link of it or something?
  7. nooobsdzada

    all of my progress is deleted in sisa :(

    i already have steam account but i dont have condition zero on steam
  8. https://gamebanana.com/mods/393769
  9. so i downloaded the condition zero client from here.then i decided to delete the other client which was gamearena version of the game.but my progress got all deleted.i brought back the client and kept the v43 of condition zero and it didnt work.so should i just buy the game from steam?
  10. nooobsdzada

    its unfinished

    so this remake of zm_escapetrain is gonna a westeren town in a huge mountains.i am making zombie escape mode for it.i might make a normal zombie version for it once i finish it
  11. nooobsdzada

    cant join to sisa zombie server

    if i download this client and copy it to cscz files.does it delete all progress in the server.keep in mind that im playing non steam version of cscz
  12. nooobsdzada

    why i cant join the server?

    so i wanted to play sisa one day and for some reason i cant log in.its stuck in the loading screen. i have cracked version of counter strike cz.i did try to join other servers and it worked.so should i have the steam version to play or should i just find another cracked version ?
  13. nooobsdzada

    hmmm,i wonder what this remake supposed to be?

    i actually know about this map's existence.its rly cool.but why it isnt in sisa.it would have been cool!
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