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  1. DeathZone


    I will try to focus on these points you have just mentioned thanks
  2. DeathZone


    i kept to the rules and i wanted to ask you guys can u fix the present thing ? i played now a while on SISA CSO MOD 3 and the rule was shoting zombies if u pick up presents i did it everytime now i have a ban again for 11 days .... its now the third ban of presents.... i have a block till11/2/2019 of presents even i shoted zombies and i played i also waited i did everything slowly and i still get banned i dont understand this please could you do something about it i would appreciate it Thanks in advance
  3. DeathZone


    thanks i appreciate it and i will take notice for next time if my block is gone.
  4. DeathZone


    I don't really understand why i get notification when i pick up presents. I have been playing now 2-3 weeks and everytime after 1 or 2 days i got blocked to pick up presents. The first block was 3 days then 6 and now 9 days... When i pick up 1 present i always wait 30-1minutues so that i dont get banned again. But i still get banned from presents i cant even pick up chainsaw can you explain me how it works ? Do i have to use all the nades in my inventory so i dont get banned? I dont even spam presents
  5. DeathZone

    Suggestion about ZM GAMEMODE

    Hello Sisa, since you took the time for me, I will express myself clearly The killing rate has decreased dramatically in recent times, and this is a fact, It's pretty clever that you guys you've raised the EXP rate to reach the next level so now we can gain exp with infecting human as a Zombie. I had a time when i made 120 kills f.g in the China map 'round about 2015-2014. On the other side you guys did a smart move reducing the map time of the half (previous gamemode 40 minutues) now 20 minutues or something like that. We have to shot like jerks to gain exp i can't get even 100 exp ( new game mode 1k exp) in a day. When im really close to a Zombie (which is already overpowerd with his HP) he will spam and he is ready to pay his 80k$ for freaking hp. You can't even get a good round even if you find chainsaw like 1 of 10 rounds maybe you will pickup 1 chainsaw and how much zombies do you kill ? Right now 10 minutues ago it was plague mode i had freaking 5k HP 5k! A zombie tesla boy bought HP until he killed me this happened really 10 minutues ago. I didnt got 1 kill cause he fkd me it is like madness but it never stops. And if you are the last Human and you are survivor / chainsaw or a good human u are going to die by 1 hit which is really not fair i mean its a question about time when u just die ... To the last point That was an small exaggeration. You have banned over 2k people (previous game mode) mostly because of some simple insults there were admins just abused there power and im pretty sure if you would be undercover online on the time where most of playerbase got banned u would kick the admin out of your clan because its not a reason to ban someone permanent from the game. I mean atleast people get chat muted which avoid in game bans. Im really glad that you guys improved yourself there are many positive aspects and i hope u keep moving forward
  6. DeathZone

    Suggestion about ZM GAMEMODE

    Hey guys i remember the old days of Sisa and now you overpowerd the zombies.... i dont have same feeling like 5 years ago i mean u can 1 hit last human he is dead like wtf? You just throw zombie 2000 hp and they fucking spam everytime u cant kill 1 zombie because auf their HP and every time u kill 1 zombie u dont get 100 hp like swarm mode it takes 30 secound and all humans are dead you ruined the whole game with these points u just fkd up. And i know someone of you might say '' ah its not it makes fun etc and you try to argument against it cus u dont like to be criticiszed that is really pathetic Improve: Last human don't die after 1 fking hit. Human gets 100hp after 1 kill . Zombies can't spam HP BUY HP BUY HP BUY HP like wtf maximum 3 times 4 times and then limit like nade. Swarm mode if human gets killed he shouldn't be spawned as Zombie. Zombies HP to high. Win rates of zombies are 15 after map ends and humans 3 wins i don't know what u have done the last years you banned players for nationality (5 years ago) but you changed that and im really GLAD that you guys improved yourself not being stupid and handling good in some situation you had admins which abused their power and im pretty sure Sisa were aware of that. I hope you can try to accept suggestion of every player instead of thinking ah they have no clue or something and i reallly like to play on this server but it doesn't make fun like 2012-2013-2014 these was gold days of SISA and im really glad that u guys make for us non russian player translation for forums and games and i thank you much for that
  7. If i did something that annoyed you then i really apologize to you and im sorry. Im perma muted since 3 weeks isn't it to harsh for the first time to punish me ? even if i over reacted muting my chat for ever is not the right way i should have get 3 days ban or something if i continue then u could perma ban me ? Im askign you only for 1 chance i want to have fun in chat and talk to my friends
  8. Hello my steam id is : STEAM_0:0:419900367 I have Voicechat ban and Chat ( on CSO 3) ban for permanent because i insulted ''Mambojambopowa'' he was really annyoing to me on the past days and its been now idk 1 week since im perma banned in chat. Pls unban my Chat and Voicechat it was for the first time i did a bad thing you guys punish to harsh for peanuts it was MakSS who banned me my name is A.cyee^
  9. DeathZone

    Present Limit/Blocker #SISA CSO MOD 3

    this is really fucking annyoing and its really mad .... i found chainsaw and i cant pickup i will stop play for 3 days then i start again if this happens again im very sad ...
  10. DeathZone

    Present Limit/Blocker #SISA CSO MOD 3

    i still dont understand .... i played only 1 hour and i have now limit, why ? So is this anti-spam or is there a specific limit f.g 50 present after that u wait 3 days ? or just anti spam ? Its not a good idea please change it back to unlimited...
  11. DeathZone

    Present Limit/Blocker #SISA CSO MOD 3

    Yeah i understand the intention but whats the matter of it ? You can buy much ammo with no limits , why should you Pickup presents with limit its always lucky chance if other player faster u can't pick up its always about luck so i don't thin limit is good
  12. DeathZone

    Present Limit/Blocker #SISA CSO MOD 3

    <---------following screen
  13. DeathZone

    Present Limit/Blocker #SISA CSO MOD 3

    Hello, i've seen many players complained about the ''Present limit/Blocker'' and i dont get it why u set a limit to 3 Days after pick up again a present while reaching the limit of present. I would suggest quickly to change that its really annyoing to us players ... i mean i have holidays i was happy to play on sisa again i played now nearly 1 hour and i cant pickup present for almost 3 days well this is just a SUGGESTION i hope you take care of it :p I mean just let it be unlimited this; is awesome without changes^also its random because all players can pick presents so destiny decide :D
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